Dining with Bok Choy

stirfry1Bok Choy is a wonderful addition to any stir fry. We love it because the stalks keep their crunch.

Here is our favorite way to stir fry:

After rinsing the bok choy, we chop up the stems and leaves. We cut up any other vegetables we have in the refrigerator (carrots, cabbage, celery, peppers, onions, etc), totaling 6-8 cups of veggies. The key secret in our stir fry is pouring boiling hot water over the vegetables and letting them soak for 4 minutes or so. We drain them immediately in a colander and run cold water over the veggies to stop the cooking process. This gives them a head start and makes tender-crisp stir fry.

Bok ChoyIn a wok, we heat up some olive oil. We toss in minced/chopped garlic and grate gingerroot, if we have it. We stir fry chicken/beef chunks until done. (Usually, we use about four chicken breasts.) Next, we throw in the veggies and about 1/2 t. of salt. Basically, we simply heat up the veggies. They won’t need too much more cooking.

Finally, we mix 1/2 c water, 2 T soy sauce & 1 T cornstarch in a separate bowl. Once the mixture dissolves, we pour it into the wok with everything else. We cook until the liquid thickens to the desired consistency.

Then, we pair it with rice and dig in!