Welcome to our little space in this world.  We are a family-run farm, featuring hydroponically grown produce and traditionally grown cut flowers.  We transitioned our hobby farm to a business in 2011.

We are located in Jacksonville, FL.  Though surrounded by urban life, our 10 acre plot provides an oasis for our farm life.  Situated equal distant between downtown Jacksonville and Amelia Island, we enjoy serving both communities.

Our farming life started at the Fernandina Farmer’s Market on Centre St and Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville.  The amazing reception to our efforts encouraged us to keep at a not-so-common profession.  Market goers quickly became like family.  The long and constant hours of sweat and toil were paid off in this way.

Having no professional experience, we worked closely with the University of Florida’s agriculture department, taking workshops and asking a multitude of questions.  Through time and many failures, we have gained some expertise.

Today, we are striving hard to retain the family part of our business while satisfying the great demand for product.  It has all been an incredible journey – one that has just begun.