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Soon you will be able to pre-order fresh lettuce, kale and seedless cucumbers and then pick them up directly at the farm!

Perfect for sandwiches, wraps, and salads, this leafy butterhead lettuce is grown hydroponically with the roots left in tact. This gives you fresh lettuce with a longer shelf life.

$3.00 per head

Crispy kale is also grown hydroponically and makes great kale chips, mix it with salad, or try a kale Caesar salad… absolutely amazing!


Popular with local chefs, this salad mix is a great way to plump up a normal tossed salad with a lot of flavor!

Purchase soon!

Spicy arugula will add tang and zip to any salad or sandwich. You don’t need to use much, this little leaf packs a big punch!

$3.00/ 4oz bag

Bacon’s Select Produce has brought back their European seedless cucumbers by popular demand. They are soft skinned, yet crisp. Perfect for making you own pickles or even a cool and creamy Greek tzatziki sauce.

Purchase soon!

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