Farm Tours

Hydroponics, by definition, means working water. The water does the work, with the addition of important nutrients, and the delicious lettuces grown at Bacon’s Select Produce are farmed without dirt. This permits us to grow in a smaller, climate controlled nature, using less water and less space than you would use to grow the same quantities in a conventional garden.

Learning how hydroponics work is an amazing adventure into the new American farmer and we are now offering tours of our facilities as an extension of the tools you already use in the classroom.

This tour is an excellent outing for field trips, Bible or Sunday school classes, and senior group tours.

Prices are currently $5.00 for each student under 18 years of age. For those 18 and up the fee is only $10.00.

Educators and event coordinators who wish to learn more about hydroponics can call Freddie at (904) 370-4443 or Marco at (863) 673-5736 for more information.

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